Friday, October 16, 2009

Michael Jackson

So this postumous MJ concert/rehearsal/whatever film is coming out. Even the title, "This is It", sounds a bit like an apology.

I'd like to play pop-culture psychic for a moment if I may. I'm guessing Michael wasn't really all that capable of singing or dancing near the end of his life. Therefore the handlers probably gave him less-than-dazzling choreography appropriate to a man in his condition, and intended to pad out the stage show with a lot of filler. They're pumping the advance sales of this film by hyping it as a limited engagement, because word of mouth is going to be blistering. Brace yourself for the Phantom Menace of concert films. It's probably not going to be a catastrophe on the order of the caricature I just drew, but still. Not pretty.

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