Friday, December 19, 2014

Skater girl

Heat Miser on C-SPAN

The headline and the C-Span graphic are real. Reading it, I couldn't resist doing a "The Year Without a Santa Claus" joke.

Metro Med

A back cover pinup for a Facebook friend's indie comic: Metro Med.

Friday, December 05, 2014

Climbing woman

Scary Mermaid

Warmup sketches


Done for the Trinquette drawing challenge on Facebook. I wasn't familiar with the book, but had a fun time with it.

Bodypaint sketches

A handful of studies from photos of models in metallic body paint.

Fashion sketches

Warmup sketches

Two versions of a sketch from a photo of Kate Moss. I ref'd the face and freehanded the gesture and body. The first came out too stiff so I started over.

Surfer girl

SpecOps girl

Capaldi Doctor Who

Miller Daredevil stuff

Two expressions of my love for Frank Miller: an attempt at inking Miller's very rough Daredevil layouts, done as an exercise without recourse to looking at Klaus Janson's brilliant original finishes; and a color sketch of Elektra.

Bob Kane-era Batman stuff

Three takes on old-school Batman: A Batmobile based on the Phantom Corsair and rendered in vector; a re-imagining of the cover of Detective Comics #27; and my take on Catwoman's original costume from 1941. I think if I ever got to do Batman I'd want to skip the modern paramilitary take on the character and just do hard-boiled crime stories set in the forties.