Thursday, December 01, 2011

Palmiotti's Sexy Monday

I'm still sitting here filling up a sketch pad way into the night, so I wanted to throw up a bunch more crappy-ass phone pics. After my brief flurry of drawing wrestlers, I reverted to my default of just wall-to-wall naked women. And what better source for naked women than Jimmy Palmiotti's blog and his "Sexy Monday" feature, where once a week he curates the very finest of what the internet does best. Jimmy has a great, discerning, tasteful eye, so go check it out right away you pervert.

WWE: Daniel Bryan & others

My laptop is being repaired today, if you define "repairing" as "shoving a new hard drive into a borderline-unrecognizeable shell." The guy at TekServe all but begged me to not hire them to service the thing. But I digress.

I got nothing to do today but draw with pencil and paper, so I thought I'd just throw down, my first subject being a WWE magazine I took home from the office. FYI Daniel Bryan doesn't actually have a dragon growing out of his spine, that was sort of a flourish.