Thursday, August 26, 2010

Louis CK

Some sketches I did while watching a recent episode of Louis CK's new show "Louie" on FX. A show I identify with strongly, despite the fact that it's about a fat, bald, depressed 42-year-old New York City dad who wears a lot of black t-shirts. I mean, maybe there's something on that list that resonates with me for some reason, but I dunno. The t-shirts I guess.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What's up, Anthony.

How's it going, man? Thanks for checking in. You said you check this page all the time, so I thought I'd just write you back here. I've been a little demoralized about blogging lately, or more accurately, I'm frustrated with my drawing. I started this blog as a way to strengthen my drawing muscles and I'm annoyed that it's not happening faster.

Lately I spend my extracurricular time sketching people on the street. I've noticed that one of my big areas of weakness is that I don't pay enough attention to how people wear clothes or do their hair, and in my business they really want characters that look hip and happening, so I'm trying to address that. Also I enjoy sketching passers-by because I have to get a snapshot of them in my head and interpret it quick. I don't have time to fret over every eyelash or nostril highlight like I often do when I sketch from photos. I usually prefer not to post sketchbook doodles, plus I always feel like if I'm going to post something online there should be a point to it, like it should be somehow topical or pop-culture related. But perhaps I should just post stuff and not worry about it.

Anyway, here's a sketch I did today of Jenifer Lopez. Not something I'd usually post because it's not much of a likeness, it's just an exercise. But it's topical, right? I read that they were looking at her to be a judge American Idol, but she wanted too much money and makeup people and stuff. In her defense I have heard that she's a mess without makeup--I know a guy who works as a retoucher for a celebrity magazine--so maybe she needs all that stuff. But she looked okay to me in this photo.

Anyway, sorry for rambling like this, Anthony. I really appreciate the support and comments. I still have those comics you asked me to sign, I gotta get to that. Later bud. -Kevin