Thursday, July 23, 2009

Michele Bachmann

The Huffington Post loves to run photos of Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN). Invariably those photos are of her gesticulating and making a crazy face, and are always coupled with some kind of out-of-context batshit-sounding quote. Because their job is to make Republicans look bad, they love to portray Bachmann as an abject loon, wildly unhinged, with no sense of shame or personal limits. But see, here's the thing, those all happen to be qualities that I find tremendously appealing in a... candidate. Yeah. Yeah, "candidate", let's go with that.

While I'm no fan of Sarah Palin, I can imagine a darkly fascinating scenario where Palin runs in 2012 and picks this woman as her running mate. The combined level of focused, determined wingnut insanity on that ticket would be nearly impossible to resist. If that were to happen I might just end up pulling the lever for the Republicans this time around. And I'm not talking about voting.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sofia Milos

Yesterday I had a few minutes to kill waiting for some client feeback, so I decided to spend it doing a random practice sketch off the front page of Tyler. Of some woman. In a bikini top. Adjusting her shorts. She's probably famous or something but frankly that kind of stuff's not interesting to me. I'm only motivated by my passionate commitment to art.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hulk Hogan

I sketched this off the wrestling page in the British Sun. Now I know that wrestling's not everyone's cup of tea, and frankly I only maintain an interest because I occasionally get paid to do so. But I think that one thing everybody can enjoy is self-serving celebrity quotes, and Hogan serves those up.

On wrestling again: "I could go out there and pretty much do almost everything I could do before. I could go out and have fun." He talks about how he'd like a reunion match with Stone Cold--who can't ever wrestle again because of the risk of injury--and basically calls Austin an egomaniac for not doing it. Because, you know, it would be cool for the fans. He then makes a bunch of comments about how TNA is only missing a big enough name on their roster to put them over, but doesn't say who he has in mind.

Wow, this guy must really need money. So to sum up, I guess, Hulk's TV show is over, his wife took everything in the divorce, and his kids are showing no signs of wanting to work for a living. Poor guy.

beanbots #8

In which I imagine a possible career path for my child.

Click image for full strip.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Conan O'Brien

I thought for a minute this week about jumping on the Michael Jackson memorial bandwagon (or "Jacksploitation", as Bunche calls it). But then I remembered that I intensely disliked MJ for most of the time that I was aware of his existence on the planet, and that his death didn't move me in the slightest.

So, I don't know, here's a drawing of another creepy looking white chick instead.

(if my writing seems a little terse today, it's because the 'o' is shot on my keyboard, and I don't have time to get it fixed, so every time I type anything I have to copy an 'o' to the clipboard and paste them in as I go. Wasn't there something like this in Stephen King's Misery? I can't stop thinking that Cathy Bates is mad at me for something.)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Al & Franni Franken

Maybe it's because of all the scandals in the news lately, but when I saw this picture of the Frankens celebrating his senate win, I thought to myself: this woman's on borrowed time. How long till she and Al are doing that walk of shame because he got caught with an intern.

But the more I think about it, I'd trust Al Franken not to get seduced by power more than just about anyone. This guy started on Saturday Night Live in the seventies. He was going to the after-parties since the Belushi era. If he can get through that and still stay married, what's left? Anything they try to tempt him with on the Hill is going to be child's play to him. He's seen it all and it's probably boring to him at this point. If you were to lock him in a hotel room with a bunch of hookers and blow, he'd probably just start knocking on the door asking how long does he have to be in here, and can you please slide the Times crossword under the door.