Sunday, May 13, 2012

Louis CK

These are some frames from a little sketch exercise I did recently for my own amusement: an illustrated version of the opening credits for Louis CK's show "Louie" on the FX network. I'll try to post the full version soon, whenever I get around to uploading it to YouTube.

ACCW WrestleRiot

A fun little poster I did for ACCW, an indy wrestling promotion in England. Normally I bristle a little at being asked to do freebies, but it sounded like an enjoyable way to spend an hour, and I liked the attitude of the guy. He didn't cry the blues about having no budget or worse, try to tell me fairy tales about being able to pay me down the road. He just asked politely, and for once that was plenty.

360 Anatomy

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Aayla vs. Talon

Final pencils for this pinup of two alien women from the Star Wars universe. (I posted the original digital sketch here.) I sent it off to Mark McKenna, who's going to ink it and submit it, by invitation, to the art show for this year's Star Wars Celebration convention.

 Like always happens when I try to return to my comic-book roots, I had a terrible attack of anxiety once I got done with the initial sketching and started applying HB pencil to bristol board. But you know, halfway through working on it, I felt that I was really turning a corner, like I was finally transcending the horrendous struggles I used to wage against my own artistic limitations. Then when it was 90% done I had to stop myself from trashing it and starting over, and after I sent it off I wanted to throw out all my pencils and find some other line of work. Pretty much just like the old days.