Sunday, September 02, 2012

Practice sketch: 2 women jogging

Today I finally forced myself to steal 45 minutes when I should have been working and do a practice sketch! I guess I haven't done any personal work all summer, but in the meanwhile my technique has been evolving a great deal in my professional work. It's ironic--though typically self-defeating--that I stopped doing personal stuff just as I started developing the tools to do something more interesting with it.

Image source: World of Stock


Jared said...

I certainly understand the concept of finally having the tools but then there is no time. It is an excellent practice sketch and much like the women I saw jogging in Central Park when I visited my aunt in NYC.

Anonymous said...

Always glad to see you post. And, as always after a hiatus, you come back stronger than ever.

And I always dig your sketches--they have such a fluidity to them.

Hopefully you'll bend your rule abot posting work-related art here and show us some of the stuff that's been occupying your summer?


Kevie Metal said...

Thanks you guys!