Monday, June 25, 2012

Storyboards: "Fuel"

I usually have a rule against recycling freelance work here, because the whole point of this page is to "force" myself to produce extracurricular art. But I've been so quiet lately on that front that I'm willing to put up anything at this point. This is an advertising storyboard gig from a few months back--I was told that the pitch crashed and burned in short order, so I think I'm safe in putting these up on a public site.

Without going into any detail, the brief was to tell a story demonstrating how new, innovative technologies are usually met with ridicule, so we skip through a few different eras showing people responding to the electric light, the television, the cell phone, and finally the new-gen electric cars.

I tried to come up with ways to really sell the idea of the different eras. It's clear enough to convey the different eras through the characters' clothes and hairstyles, but I also tried to use a specific color palette and lighting design to help differentiate each era.

1 comment:

Joan Crawford said...

I like it! It's clever that the people didn't even have time to laugh at the electric car before it took off.