Thursday, March 08, 2012

Jedi Duel

This is actually what got me started with the Star Wars stuff: Mark McKenna was invited to participate in an art show for the big official SW convention, and asked me to help him come up with something. Typically, I went way overboard on my pencil sketch and added rough inks and colors. The piece has been submitted for review, we'll see if they accept it. I'm grateful Mark asked me to do this, because I don't often get around to doing cool geek stuff like this anymore.


Anonymous said...

Sexily badass. And badassily sexy.

I am intrigued by this "Darth Talon" and might have to check out the funnybooks with her. Or just gawk at the eye candy here.


Kevie Metal said...

According to my extensive research of her character, I can definitely confirm that she is mostly naked. Also, red. Hope that helps.

It is a really cool look though, isn't it? I usually don't think of Star Wars as a vehicle for gratuitous T&A, but that's really striking.

daveed said...


Kevie Metal said...