Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Death Angel

My main man Anthony turned up a copy of an old development sketch of a very minor Valiant character from back in the '90s. As is usual for me, I couldn't resist reworking it and trying to rectify the mistakes of the past. By "mistakes" I'm not referring to the insanely sexist costume--I'm still able to appreciate a woman in skintight leather with her ass hanging out--just the hopeless figure drawing.

Here's a page about "Death Angel" as she appeared in the comics. I remember a bunch of us throwing in ideas, but Sean Chen did the design. My original sketch is below:


Anonymous said...

Wow. Never did I imagine that this would be the outcome of the "Hey, buddy--remember this?"

This is great--it seems more "realistic" and "practical" (but it was comics in the 90s. We should count our blessings they didn't demand a zillion pouches and death-inducing cleavage) than the original.

It's cool to see the take of a wiser, more experienced artist on an earlier work.

Hope you'll hit me up with a larger version?


Kevie Metal said...

I dunno about "wiser," but at any rate I'm able to draw feet now. I know it looks like I ran out of space on the paper in the original, but believe me, even if I had a paper that went on forever those feet weren't getting drawn.

I'll send over the hi rez version. Thanks again for finding ths.

Kevie Metal said...

PS I had no idea they ended up calling her Death Angel. Badass name. That had to have been Len Kaminski.