Thursday, March 15, 2012

"The 99"

Last summer some old Marvel buddies asked me to pinch-hit on this superhero strip they produce for the Middle East market. Apart from wanting to help my friends out of a pinch, this represents my first panel-to-panel superhero comics in like fifteen years, so I was jumping up and down to do it. It's not exactly the most dramatic of stories--our heroes basically walk around for awhile and save some scientists from a volcano--but I tried to jazz it up as best I could.

Due to some kind of format issue, they ended up cutting the art apart and moving stuff around when they went to print, as you can see at bottom. But whatevs, it still reads pretty good.

Big thanks to Michael Kraiger and Marie Javins for giving me a chance to shake some of the dust off my limbs.

Here's the color version:


Anonymous said...

You just decide that this is post-worthy news *NOW*?

What issue? Is it available in the States?

The art is very good--clean lines, it flows in a way that enhances the flow on the page (or did, at least).

Excellent work!


Kevie Metal said...

Thanks a lot man. This isn't even the regular comic (not that I'd even know how to get that), it's the newspaper strip.

I'm glad you think it reads well. I felt like the story as written was really dull (not that it's Stuart Moore's fault--I'm sure he gave them what was needed), so I approached it as an exercise in using every graphic trick I could think of to make it seem exciting.

I was a nervous wreck doing these, quite frankly! I didn't know if I could still do comics, and I've certainly never been a very confident inker. Thanks for the kind words.

Marie Javins said...

Nice job, Kevin! Of course, it gets cut up to whatever size the newspaper wants it cut up into, and each one needs recap since it's been a week in-between each page. But somehow it all works out...

Kevie Metal said...

Thanks Marie! And thanks for letting me do these even after I choked on those pinups. It meant a lot!

Kevie Metal said...

btw I thought the re-cut images read fine. I actually had to look at them side-by-side to figure out where the cuts were made.