Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vader & Anikin

I can't stop drawing Star Wars stuff for some reason.

UPDATE 2/3/12: You may notice I extended Vader's muzzle a bit. This was a deliberate reference to the original development art of Ralph McQuarrie, which in many cases I love even more than the final designs that made it into the films. I just read tonight that Mr. McQuarrie has moved on from this Earth. Ah nertz.


Anonymous said...

Look who got bitten by the Posting Bug. Your Vader is awesome, your Palmiotti Monday is sexy, your sketch of Pensive Faith looks pensive (I have nothing else to go by), and your Sheryl Crow is authentically the creepiest thing I've seen online this week.

Dang, Kev. Some really nice work!


Kevie Metal said...

I had a couple days off, what can I tell you. Thanks, there's plenty more gratuitous nudity where that came from!

Kevie Metal said...

BTW thanks for encouraging me to post the rough pencil stuff, it's helping me keep my momentum.