Thursday, February 09, 2012

Superboy & Supergirl


Anonymous said...

I prefer the way you've changed it up. It looks more "believable" (to me) with the cape coming back at an angle instead of her just hanging there, especially in what appears to be zero-g space.

But what in the world is she wearing on her lower half? If those are plus-sized metallic panty liners, I think someone needs to tell her that they don't do on the outside of the outfit.


Kevin Kobasic said...

Yeah, that's why the subject came up! People were posting pictures of the new costume (presumably designed by Jim Lee) on Facebook and mocking out how bad it was. I was saying that the drawing was so bad, how can you even tell if the costume works. And once I criticize another artist, I feel the need to put myself up against them in the interest of fairness.