Thursday, December 01, 2011

Palmiotti's Sexy Monday

I'm still sitting here filling up a sketch pad way into the night, so I wanted to throw up a bunch more crappy-ass phone pics. After my brief flurry of drawing wrestlers, I reverted to my default of just wall-to-wall naked women. And what better source for naked women than Jimmy Palmiotti's blog and his "Sexy Monday" feature, where once a week he curates the very finest of what the internet does best. Jimmy has a great, discerning, tasteful eye, so go check it out right away you pervert.


Jimmy Palmiotti said...

these are awesome!!!!

Kevie said...

Thanks broski! Love your posts.

Anonymous said...

Hubba, I say, hubba!

Joan Crawford said...

Hey Mr.Man About Town! (I'm not sure what I meant by that either)

Guess what came in the mail and I forgot to tell you about? Yes! The print! It's amazing, it's so fancy and nice looking, too! The paper is very soft to the touch (I'm a simple girl)! It's my first piece of real art*, too! If ever I have people over to my house, I envision it going like this:

Guest: Say, what an interesting picture.
Joan: Yes, we call that art. By "we" I mean me and my "connections" in New York... City.
Guest: The New York City? The one Toronto desperately tries to be?
Joan: The very one. I happen to know the artist...
Guest: *gasping* You've been to New York?
Joan: No, but the artist does acknowledge my existence on Blogger!
Guest: Gol-lee!
Joan: Indeed, Random Homeless Person, indeed.

My only regret is that I can't get it made huge. It's a good size but I wish it was like a 3' by 4' poster. I want it to lord over my living room. I love it; it is honestly my favorite picture ever. It's like you delved into my brain and made it just for me. Which of course is just my megalomania talking (but I really believe it!)