Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lonely Girls

The results of an evening misspent sketching the bar crowds on 2nd Ave near the U.N. Lots of businessmen, lots of diplomat types, lots of women in heels they could barely walk in. Funniest moment was when a passing guy briefly took an interest in what I was doing, only to realize with some disappointment that my pencil sharpener wasn't drug paraphernalia.


Don Hudson said...

I know that area. Tacky Irish bars, cabs heading uptown on 2nd ave and a really cheap hotel on 42nd street.

Kevie said...

Yeah, it's so dense with bars I assumed there had to be one I'd be comfortable in, but no, they were all douchey as hell. So I settled for a table on the street.

You stayed at a cheap hotel on 42nd? You're a better man than me.