Wednesday, June 01, 2011

WWE "Capitol Punishment"

WWE Asked me to illustrate the poster for their next Pay-per view, in a political cartoon style (the event takes place in DC). They usually hang a gigantic poster of their current PPV in the lobby of their HQ in Stamford, so when I was up there this week I got a couple pictures of it.

Here's an article on the poster from one of the wrestling blogs. Considering it's the internet, the comments were surprisingly positive.


Anonymous said...


That's totally b@d@$$.


AND your signature is HUGE, even!

Way to go, Kevie!


Joan Crawford said...

Holy Shit! Congratulations - it must have been amazing to see your work made gigantic!

Kevie said...

Ha ha-- actually a little closer to terrifying, because all I can see is every little mistake I made, blown up to horrific size. :)