Saturday, May 07, 2011

Trump one, Trump all!

Here's to one of the great carny hustlers of our era.


Anonymous said...

Oh goo. I'm glad you're helping answer the "Whatever Happened to...?" question for the Donald.

(j/k. You nailed this one)

ant'ny fb

Anonymous said...

I was just checking to see if you were Raptured, because the site hasn't been updated since the Great Event. Are you still on this earthly plane?

ant'ny fb

Kevie said...

Yeah, turns out the rapture only took hack cartoonists! Weird, huh?

Damn, has it been two weeks already? I actually have a ton of material in my sketchbooks, I just need to start scanning. Thanks for checking!

Anonymous said...

Well, even if Jesus doesn't love you, the heathens sure do!