Sunday, April 24, 2011

Atoms, Motion & the Void: "The Exponent of Westbrook, Part 3"

I find myself wanting to do a different style on each of these. After the quietness of the first few in the series, I felt like doing something more melodramatic and comic booky. It seemed appropriate for the episode, which contained some good old-fashioned radio-drama suspense and chills down the spine.


Anonymous said...

You keep killing with these. Love the perspective, the light source, the swooshy elements--light? fog? something more ethereal or even sinister?--the glare in the specs. I'll give you melodrama, but might humbly disagree about "comic booky." This, chum, is Epic.

Glad to see you're back!

ant'ny fanboy

Kevie said...

Thanks so much, A. I couldn't make myself happy with this one, so that's very nice to hear.

Joan Crawford said...

This one's my favorite!

Anonymous said...

See? 2 out of 3 posters agree--this is the shiznit!

ant'ny fanboy