Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Undertaker T-shirt

I usually don't post freelance stuff here, because the whole point of the blog is to force myself to do extracurricular work, but I happen to be overly proud of this piece I did for WWE.

I don't usually get hired to do finished illustrations, so it was terribly exciting to really open up and see what I could do. As much of a milestone as this was for me, I had to sit on the art for six months when the Undertaker was temporarily out of action. The shirt very nearly got shelved altogether, and it was well within the realm of the non-disclosure I signed. (Something about sitting in an HR office under a poster of a screaming, blood-soaked Cena makes you sign those standard legal documents with a little more solemnity.)

Anyway, The Undertaker made his heavily-hyped return to Monday Night Raw this week, and lo and behold there's the shirt for sale on WWE's website. I might have to order one for every day of the week.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I was wondering when you were going to post again. Thanks for the inside story as well.

The art is badass, man (as is the shirt). Those WW* folks do certainly plan ahead.


ant'ny fanboy

Don Hudson said...

That's Awesome! No signature?

Kevie said...

Would you believe I asked and they wouldn't let me?

Anonymous said...

Okay, bidges--lissen up.

Kevie's been crankin out the shiznit and what the eff is he gettin for his efforts? Crickets, that's what.

Let's give the man some props before I needs ta open up a family size can o' whup-ass on ALL you bidges.



Kevie said...

Uh-oh folks, this sounds serious. He seems like a tough customer!

Joan Crawford said...

Holy Shit!!!

That is so awesome - good work, you deserve all your success!

Bunche said...

HO. LEE. SHIT. This is beautiful. I'd be curious to see how you'd handle Raoh from FIST OF THE NORTH STAR, who would of course have to be atop his awesome war horse, Kokuoh-Go.