Sunday, January 30, 2011

Atoms, Motion & the Void: "On the Winning of a Wild Bed"

My latest cover for Sleeves' subscription-only CD series. I'm pleased that the final art is pretty close to what I saw in my head while listening to the story--that almost never happens. I wanted to try something with a whimsical storybook vibe, like Ezra Jack Keats with the added decorative element of the little fairytale images on the bedcover. I'm disappointed I couldn't figure out a way to identify Sherwin with his iconic hat, but it seemed it would make the image too cluttered.

Just for fun, here's some initial thumbnails I did. I kept trying to come up with an alternate composition, because I thought I wouldn't be able to pull off the one I had in mind. I thought my idea for the bedcover pattern was hopelessly ambitious.

My rough sketches for the characters on the bedcover...

...and the final vector art rendering. I could have just sketched these out in photoshop, but I thought they needed the crisp lines that you get with Adobe Illustrator to distinguish them from the main drawing. There's a knight, a dragon, a castle, a princess locked in a tower; then from C.S. Lewis a faun, a lamppost and the White Witch; and it seemed apropos that Alice's rabbit make an appearance. After all my worrying that I would botch this, I knocked out the actual art in an hour or so.


Anonymous said...

Wow. You definitely got the "ambitious" part right. This is abso-FRICKING-lutely amazing. From the detail of the comforter (and the perspective! The figures at the foot of the bed are larger than those furthest away!), to the mist in the BG (while the stars are crystal clear), to the shading on the footboard--this is a joy to behold. Very ethereal, yet anchored in the real world.

I was wondering where the heck you'd vanished to; now I understand.

ant'ny fanboy

Kevie said...

You're the best, man. I want to send you a dozen roses for this comment. I really wanted to try something new here, and was afraid it would be a train wreck.

Sherwin Sleeves said...

I love this image. It completely sets the mood of the story.

I am very lucky! I want to lie down in that bed and look up into those stars!

Kevie said...

Thanks, old bean!