Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sketching at Sugar Cafe with friend

The public schools were closed on Election Day, so I took the Kindergartner to my favorite people-watching cafe and handed her her own sketchbook. To my great delight, she eagerly accepted it and went straight to work. We spent a leisurely morning alternately nibbling on breakfast and drawing the passers-by. I got to witness a wonderful moment when a light seemed to go off in her head and she exclaimed that peoples' heads arent circular, they're oval shaped! Like the consummate perfectionist she is, she promptly ripped all the circle-head drawings out of the book and started over. At some point we took turns drawing each other, something she pulled off with much more confidence than I did.


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Just awesome. What a great day!

ant'ny (fanboy)

Joan Crawford said...

She inherited her dad's talent! I can clearly recognize the portrait of you - that's incredible! You should put it on a shirt. My drawings of people at that age were giant circles with 4 sticks evenly distributed for arms and legs with a smiley face and two scribbles for eyes.
I have since learned to add a neck and fingers for a more realistic look.

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