Friday, November 05, 2010

President of Ice Cream

A pinup illo for my buddy Geoff Sebesta's hilarious book "I Am the President of Ice Cream".


Anonymous said...

I'm slowly working my way though this (totally due to a lack of so-called "free time," not to a lack of snarky, insightful wittiness and overall entertainment value, let the record show). Thanks for the rec.
ant'ny (fanboy)

Kevie said...

Yeah, Geoff's a funny guy, huh? I'm not all the way through it for the same reason. I can't even remember the last time I had leisure to just curl up with a good graphic novel. There's a bunch of Act-I-Vate guys who I feel like I can't look them in the eye when I see them because I haven't read their stuff.

Anonymous said...

Well, that and the fact you seem to be a head and a half taller than the average Act-I-Vate guy. At least if the photos are to be believed. You don't seem that tall in beanbots, ya know?