Thursday, November 04, 2010

Michael Tarver

UPDATE: I had an idea to try this much darker, and pop the highlights out some more. I like the result, I think I'm gonna keep experimenting with this.

UPDATE 2: I went in and lightened up his eyes (Thank you for pointing that out, Joan.)


Joan Crawford said...

I am not one to be talking art to anyone but I think I like the first one better. Only because of the eyes. I know you probably didn't even change the coloring of the eyes (it's some kinda crazy optical illusion) but I find that with the light background, I can "feel" his eyes. Whereas the dark... absorbs... them?

Please don't take offense, I'm a fool.

Kevie said...

That's a good point. It was actually an accident: I added a layer of 90% black behind the image, so the areas that were transparent went black, including the eyes. I kind of liked the effect, probably because I'm a boy and it made him look like a scary monster. I brought up the eyes in the next image, do you like that better?

Joan Crawford said...

...probably because I'm a boy and it made him look like a scary monster

Haha! It's true, he did look like a scary monster and you are such a boy.

Yeah, I like the new one the best. Good work, Mister.