Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Katy Perry

Today's random celebrity practice sketch: Singer Katy Perry launches her new perfume, "Purr". Five minutes after being told she has a new perfume called "Purr".


Anonymous said...

Seriously? How can there be an image of Ms. Perry without cleavage?

Kudos, sir. You are more mature than I.
ant'ny (fb)

Psst! Send this link to her publicist!

And the word verification is "hanatims". I'm pretty sure that isn't a real word.

Joan Crawford said...

Ha! Love it. I am no Katy Perry fan, besides her two assets (and they *are* incredible), I find her untalented and hypocritical*. Great work as always, SeƱor Mister.

*Jeez, Joan, sour grapes?

Kevie said...

Yeah, I can't stand her either, big titties or not. It actually drives me nuts to see these empty shells paraded around by the star-making industry year after year, but what are you gonna do. I just stay as far away from radios as I can.