Monday, November 01, 2010

Baseball pitcher

Some doodles I did while discussing a baseball-themed project on a Skype call that ran waaaay over. I'm working for an English client whose American CEO mandated the baseball motif, leaving me in the position of having to explain the game of baseball to her, which is really the blind leading the blind. We spent a ridiculous amount of time just establishing the fact that "pitch" happens to be a verb in the States, and is not the word for the playing field.


Anonymous said...

Nice! Babe Ruth by way of Jack Kirby, almost.

Here--try this:

My son's Irish soccer coach described cricket as "similar to baseball, only much slower paced."

Good luck!

ant'ny fanboy

Kevie said...

There's something slower paced than baseball? On purpose? How is that even accomplished? Do they break for naptime or something?

Despite my extensive knowledge of world affairs this is news to me. What a bunch of sissies. No wonder we beat their ass in the Korean War.

Anonymous said...

Two words: Monty-Fucking-Python.