Thursday, October 14, 2010

NYCC sketches

The New York Comic Con was a really good experience for me, even though I didn't make back my table. Or my publishing. Or signage, or hardware expenses. I definitely made back my postcard budget, and probably my lo mein from the food court, so, you know, awesome. Mostly it was great to clear the psychological hurdle of showing my work cold to a random sampling of the public. Learning how to chat up potential buyers, hopefully without being too much of a hard-sell douchebag about it. I was fortunate to have great table mates in fellow Act-I-Vators Thomas Baehr and Rami Efal, both of whose books I really respect. It's easy to talk up a product you actually believe in.

At one point I took a break from fishmongering to doodle some passerby plus, secretly, Thomas and genius illustrator Hyeondo Park.

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Anonymous said...

So f'n bummed I didn't get there. Glad it was good for you, in so many ways. Maybe next year, man....
ant'ny fanboy