Sunday, September 05, 2010

Lucas, Ford & Spielberg

A bit of silliness inspired by the news that a fifth "Indiana Jones" film is heading into production--for some reason--and by the photo below of George Lucas, Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg celebrating the premiere of the godawful Indy 4 in 2008.

It's an article of faith at this point that everything bad, pointless, or desperately unfunny about "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" is attributable to George Lucas' influence. As with his Star Wars franchise he insists on playing big daddy, despite the decades' worth of evidence that he's lost the thread and should really leave it to more capable hands.

Once I started doodling the faces in the photograph, the scenario in the cartoon suggested itself right away--George as a big, goitered boulder rolling over the other two. (That's supposed to be Spielberg dressed in Connery's duds from Indy 3). The face in the crystal skull is that of Frank Darabont, who is said to have written a brilliant early screenplay for Indy 4, beloved by Ford and Spielberg, that is until Lucas got his hands on it and had his Lucasy way with it.


Anonymous said...

For the love'a Mike--somebody call an undertaker and put this thing to rest!
ant'ny (fanboy)

Joan Crawford said...

INDY! I was raised on Indian Jones. He formed what my idea of a man should be. And because of that I have avoided seeing the Glass Paperweight Skull movie with Shia The Beef. and your wife don't happen to watch True Blood, do you?

p.s. This is amazing. Art can't be taught, really. I mean sure, you can be technically good but it doesn't make your thoughts cool and your art interesting. I am painting a paint-by-numbers picture. It brings shame to my ancestors - not only the fact that I am doing it but that I am so bad at it. I don't understand colors! Do what I command you to do! I yell at them. And they're all like "No! :D Brown! Brown! We make brown!:D"

Kevie said...

Wow, real Joan Crawford jokey jokes, right here on my little blog! Life is good.

daveed said...

I had zero interest in Indy IV, which means I'll have less-than-zero interest in five.

Here's my take on the never ending Indy saga: the first was brilliant, and they got progressively worse over the next two sequels. It's an immutable law -- if the second installment is weaker than the first, chances are the third will be even suckier, and so on. Only in rare instances have sequels matched or even exceeded the original.

What the hell is a Shia, anyway?