Thursday, July 01, 2010

Wonder Woman

So when DC Comics unveiled this new design for Wonder Woman's costume yesterday, a bunch of us took to facebook with howls of feeble, pointless protest. In all the excitement I may have even said unkind things about the costume's designer, Jim Lee, who is by all accounts a prince of a guy and certainly never did anything to me (actually he was very gracious the one time I spoke with him in a professional capacity). I really hate when I catch myself being a snotty internet nerd-troll. I then decided that the only way to right the karmic scales was to post my own attempt and let people tear it apart if they wanted to.

Actually this is my second attempt. My first is below. Apart from the tweaks I made to the costume, witness how stiff and lifeless it is by comparison. I haven't drawn superheroes professionally in a long time, and when I try to now the strangest thing happens: I revert to my skill set from 15 years ago. I actually forget that I draw better now. It's so weird.


Anonymous said...

Since I first encountered your work in the funnybooks, I'm always happy to see a return to form. I do much prefer your second version, but I think you sell yourself short, man.
ant'ny (fanboy)

Joan Crawford said...

You know what I really appreciate about the second one - the shoes. Super hot but not teetery high heels. You can't kick a head in with a spike heel; the heel just sorta, you know...sinks in. Or so I'm told. These are shoes all men will worship and fear. I approve.

Great work!