Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Robin Hood" Illustration

I was hoping to post a link to a film blog that was going to run this illustration next to their review of the film from Cannes. Well the review's up, they didn't run the piece and I haven't gotten so much as an email back. It's not like I was even trying to get paid. I guess the takeaway here is that when I venture out of storyboarding I literally can not give my work away, but I had fun doing it anyway.

I succumbed to the urge to paint over the drawings a lot in Photoshop, and I may have overworked it and lost a bit of the 'zing' of the marker sketches. One problem with using a Cintiq is that it becomes devilishly easy to give way way too much attention to every little highlight on Russel Crowe's nostril.

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