Thursday, May 06, 2010

Iron Man sketches

Some of the sketches I did while trying to find the right design for the Iron Man illustration (previous post). Rather than sketch out a bunch of designs, I thought I'd just generate a bunch of images in marker and then try to combine them and find the design after the fact.

I was really hoping to use an image of Gwyneth Paltrow in the final illustration, because her scenes with Robert Downey Jr. were actually my favorite part of the first film. I thought the two of them played off each other beautifully, almost a throwback to couples you'd see in old-time movies, when the dialogue was rapid-fire and genuinely witty. It's so rare in a blockbuster-type film to see a romantic pairing that's even age-appropriate, let alone intelligent and self-aware (as opposed to say, Downey Jr. and Rachel McAdams in "Sherlock Holmes"). You felt they wanted to be together, but their own intelligence kept sabotaging it. Each time things threatened to get steamy they both looked mortified that they almost let thier emotions take over.


Anonymous said...

Freakin' LOVE that second montage.

I always used to wonder "Why the big deal over Gwyneth Paltrow?" until the (first IRON MAN film. You grok perfectly.
ant'ny (fanboy)

Blam said...

Great stuff, dude!

I like the dynamism in the second montage, but it's actually my least favorite image of the group. The insights on the Downey/Paltrow interaction in Iron Man 1 were just a bonus.

Kevie said...

Thanks Brian! Glad to meet you yesterday.

That second montage was my attempt to design something freehand rather than working from photos, and at a certain point I decided it wasn't my day and gave up on it. (Glad you liked it though, Ant.)

My buddy Steve Bunche put it better with this line: "Downey and Paltrow would have been right at home in an old screwball comedy."