Friday, March 19, 2010

Lost 6/4: Locke

An illustration based on "Lost" Season 6, Episode 4, "The Substitute".

I loved everything about this episode. Particularly that scene at the dining room table that I pulled the quote from. Such a quiet scene, but in its way it was the payoff to everything Locke has struggled with throughout his life. The dude has continually been used, duped, blindsided, and ultimately threw his life away. And he was vulnerable to it all because he could never let go of his grandiose fantasies of the life that could have been, if only this or that had gone differently. In that one moment with Helen he bravely chose to let life be as it is, and thus opened the door for happiness to finally come to him.

Here's my thumbnail for the next illustration, based on Episode 5, "The Lighthouse." Ah, the breaking-glass montage composition, beloved of hack comic book artists since time immemorial.


Anonymous said...

Manoman. I can only hope that sometime you'll create a step-by-step account of how a piece of art goes from its initial/early sketch stage (as shown in the previous post) to the finished version. Dang!

ant'ny (fanboy)

Kevie said...

Ah, Ant, you're the best.

I'll try to do that step-by-step thing at some point. Hint: most of the steps involve tequila.

Anonymous said...

No problem. Here's a handy dandy task management assist:

1) Salt
2) Tequila
3) Lime
4) Screen Shot

ant'ny (fanboy)