Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Lost 6/1: Sawyer

Welcome to my Lost Season 6 project.

I'm trying once again to produce artwork corresponding to each new episode of this show that I'm so hopelessly obsessed with. Instead of a bunch of head sketches like I did last season, I thought it might be interesting to do full illustrations. It gives me a chance to continue to practice drawing likenesses, while also integrating type and experimenting with various other montage effects.

One thing that hasn't changed since last season is that I'm still running several weeks behind each episode! Partially that's due to my laziness, partly to my desire to let each story percolate in my mind until I settle on a single image that best represents it.

If you're a Lost fan, I hope you take this journey with me, and please take the time to leave a comment. Thanks.


daveed said...

I like it. Sawyer looks like an avenging angel (which would make his character more interesting than it has been this season...)

Kevie said...

Thanks budday!

You don't care for chronically pissed-off Sawyer? You have to admit, he is a street-walking cheater with a heart full of napalm.

Anonymous said...

Dang. Your art makes me wish that I watched the show. Or, in a coincidental tangent, that you were so inspired by "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."

ant'ny (fanboy)

Kevie said...

Ha! Not terribly likely, though I have heard great things about that show. But it's just such an ingrained habit to avoid all things related to Danny DeVito. I don't know if I'm capable of rethinking that at this stage of my life.

Matt said...

OK, I wrote and deleted my first ten snarky comments about Lost and J.J. Abrahms.

Here's the nicest I can be:

Wow, until I saw your artwork, I never thought that...(ahem) 'show' would result in anything worth a shit.

Nice work! You do great art.

Kevie said...

Heh. Go ahead and rip it as much as you want dude. Thanks for the compliments either way.

For what little it's worth, Abrams was only involved in the show for the first season, if memory serves. I always liked the show, but it actually wasn't until the end of season 3 that I became a rabid ultra-fan.

Joan Crawford said...

These are great - not just because I am a Lost freak but because this is damn fine artwork...do you think Sayid will feature into one of these?