Monday, July 13, 2009

Hulk Hogan

I sketched this off the wrestling page in the British Sun. Now I know that wrestling's not everyone's cup of tea, and frankly I only maintain an interest because I occasionally get paid to do so. But I think that one thing everybody can enjoy is self-serving celebrity quotes, and Hogan serves those up.

On wrestling again: "I could go out there and pretty much do almost everything I could do before. I could go out and have fun." He talks about how he'd like a reunion match with Stone Cold--who can't ever wrestle again because of the risk of injury--and basically calls Austin an egomaniac for not doing it. Because, you know, it would be cool for the fans. He then makes a bunch of comments about how TNA is only missing a big enough name on their roster to put them over, but doesn't say who he has in mind.

Wow, this guy must really need money. So to sum up, I guess, Hulk's TV show is over, his wife took everything in the divorce, and his kids are showing no signs of wanting to work for a living. Poor guy.


Leland Purvis said...

I was never into pro wrestling, but Hogan has been a real personality, it's true.

If wrestling didn't seem ridiculous before the UFC, it sure does now. Those guys fight. For serious.

Kevie said...

Why would people want to watch that when they could watch guys in spandex with funny names bouncing off the ropes and pretending to run into the other guy's fist? That's what sports is all about. That and explosions I mean.