Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Al & Franni Franken

Maybe it's because of all the scandals in the news lately, but when I saw this picture of the Frankens celebrating his senate win, I thought to myself: this woman's on borrowed time. How long till she and Al are doing that walk of shame because he got caught with an intern.

But the more I think about it, I'd trust Al Franken not to get seduced by power more than just about anyone. This guy started on Saturday Night Live in the seventies. He was going to the after-parties since the Belushi era. If he can get through that and still stay married, what's left? Anything they try to tempt him with on the Hill is going to be child's play to him. He's seen it all and it's probably boring to him at this point. If you were to lock him in a hotel room with a bunch of hookers and blow, he'd probably just start knocking on the door asking how long does he have to be in here, and can you please slide the Times crossword under the door.

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Anonymous said...

Be very careful if you ever go to Minnespolis. Mrs. Franken might hunt you down.


Beautful work, as always.