Saturday, June 13, 2009

beanbots #6

The other night there was a reunion of old Marvel co-workers, and at some point I was telling someone--I think it was Mark McKenna--that I was doing a webcomic. I spent a minute trying to explain the idea of slice-of-life non-sequiter parental humor, and he just said, "Oh, so you're trying to do The Bakers." Which totally deflated me beause it was correct. Somehow I had completely forgotten that I lifted the whole idea from Kyle Baker to begin with. Only a few episodes in and I'm apparently already working on my revisionist version of the strip's history. By this time next year I'll be telling people, " then I had the idea to put words alongside of illustrations to indicate speech, and to utilize a sequential series of boxes to represent the passage of time."

Click image for full strip.

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