Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ron and Fez discuss St. Patrick's Day

The Ron & Fez Show, XM Radio, 3/18/09:

RON: "Isn't it sad we have to go so far to another St. Pat's Day? Which means at least a year until Fez suffers from alcohol-related Bell's palsy again. I'll tell you something else, too, Fezzy, when you drink, uh,--what am I trying to say?--it's hard not to smother you. It's hard not to."

FEZ: "Just to put me out of my misery, or the annoyance factor?"

RON: "It isn't so much to put you out of your misery, it's a Natasha Richardson thing of, does this make sense to go on anymore. We get e-mails here: 'It sounds like Fez does not enjoy life, why don't you do him a favor and end it for him?'"

FEZ: "Well that would be murder. That would be murder in the first degree, because I'm sure it would be premeditated, it would be planned out."

RON: "Yes, it is."

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