Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jim Cramer on the Daily Show

What a treat to see this guy get his ass handed to him by Jon Stewart the other night. In the world of cable infotainment, it's refreshing when you can witness a bit of honesty and genuineness. And that bit was the undisguised look of fear on Cramer's face as he sat there and kissed the ring. Apart from that I'm pretty sure it was total horseshit.

To Stewart's credit, he really held Cramer's feet to the fire with his questioning, forcing him to try very hard to appear candid and affable while answering a completely different set of questions than he was asked. You can see the carny man's mind working feverishly throughout the interview, wondering how long it can go on and knowing that he's only one bad step away from whatever purgatory awaits guys like Michael Richards and Dog the Bounty Hunter.

And Cramer did his time in the barrel, and then, I don't know, Stewart gave him a stamp on his snake-oil seller's license or something, and they shook hands. And then the audience left and they both cackled menacingly and toasted evil. True story!

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daveed said...

Cramer's a charlatan, to be sure, but I'm tired of Stewart veering between sanctimoniousness to "I'm just a snake oil saleman." Reminds me of Phil Hartman's old caveman lawyer shtick.

I like Stewart better when he's not up on his soapbox.