Friday, January 16, 2009

My theory on the USAir crash

I was on a deadline this week so I didn't have time read about this story in depth. Apparently a stray flock of geese took out the engines on a plane out of LaGuardia, and it made a miracle landing in the Hudson River, and luckily everybody made it out okay. Yeah right. I'm telling you right now I smell government cover-up. Because as far as I'm concerned this thing has Jack Bauer 's fingerprints all over it.

Obviously Jack Bauer busted this cell of terrorist geese, and he caught the head goose and tortured him in a hotel room with a piece of lamp wire or something until he found out about the airline plot, and he stowed away in the luggage compartment of the plane and right at the last second he burst in on the saboteur.

"Tell me how to defuse the bomb or you start losing feathers!"

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