Wednesday, January 28, 2009

WWE: Batista

I did a bunch of work for WWE last year, sketching poster concepts and stuff, like this one. As an old comic book hack I really enjoyed it, since it was virtually the same as drawing superheroes. Plus every time I looked up from my desk some mailroom guy would be dropping a free lapel pin or some other promotional tchotchki in front of me, and I'd think I was right back at Marvel.

I wouldn't say I exactly became a wrestling fan, but I like to throw myself into my work, so I got my head into it. I still enjoy doing studies of the performers. I mean look at this guy. He looks like he walked right out of a Punisher book. Wrestlers look way more superhero-y these days than they used to. They're these hulking, chiseled specimens. Back in my day they mostly looked like if your dad put on some spandex and a fright wig.

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