Monday, December 15, 2008

Jay Leno

NBC took a giant stride into the future of prime time television this week.

The traditional TV networks are facing dwindling audience share and possible obsolescence. Their survival depends on throwing out the traditional models of programming and developing bold, fresh content that electrifies viewers and locks them in for a generation to come. Now more than ever, they need to focus on creative talent and innovation. To stay on top of a growing heap, they need to find and nurture the new Losts, the new Sopranos, the new Seinfelds. Jay Leno should be proud that in these exciting, uncertain times, the network of “Must-See TV” has tapped him as the man capable of taking the 10pm hour and delivering content that is definitely way, way cheaper to produce than any of those other shows.

It’s a bold statement, bringing Leno to prime time. And that statement is, “We give up.”

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