Monday, November 10, 2008

Get dressed, damn you!

This is what it looks like on pretty much any morning that my wife has to leave for work early.


On another topic entirely: I know it's the most typical, annoying thing in the world when someone tries to act like their kid is so talented and blah blah blah, so my apologies but I just can't hold myself back.


Leland Purvis said...

The title of this one must be, "Dad wakes up early."

Goin2HeavenRU said...

Your picture came up on Bing when I searched for getting dressed. I teach Conscious Discipline. Your picture is the perfect illustration for my posters. Would you mind if I used it? And, once I earn money, would you consider doing more on the subject matter for hire since you obviously 'get' the subject matter??

Kevie said...


That sounds reasonable. I guess I would have a couple small requests: Please send an advance copy of any materials you'd like to use the art on to kevin [at] keviemetal dot com; and credit me by name somewhere, even if it's just some tiny lettering up the side of the picture that says "Illustration: Kevin Kobasic". And I guess if you could send me a brief letter stating that you understand that you have use of this image specifically for [posters x, y and z], and you lay no claim to ownership of it or any other art. I hope that's not unreasonable. Best of luck with everything.