Monday, February 23, 2009

The Doghouse is dead, Long live the Doghouse

As somebody who mostly works alone with my own head for company, I depend on talk radio and podcasts for my sanity. I got hooked on the JV & Elvis rado show when they were at Howard Stern's old station in New York, where they came after a long successful run in the Bay Area. JV (on the left) was fast and funny, and he impressd me by not trying to take cheap shots at Stern. I got to know them a little by emailing cartoons to the studio, and they were really cool to me.

I always felt that these guys could have successfully taken over Stern's legacy, and if they'd been given a shot ahead of Opie & Anthony, Adam Carolla or (gah) David Lee Roth perhaps they would have, but as it was they were buried in a midday shift. What's worse, they happened to be working for the same corporate parent as Imus in 2007, and they became a casualty of the first pressure group to hitch a ride on Al Sharpton's showboating ass. They won a judgement for wrongful firing, but the damage to their careers was done. They took the settlement money and launched an internet radio venture, but the pressure took its toll on their partnership, which ended live, on camera, in an astonishing two-hour fight.

I kept checking in as JV ran the website on his own, putting up blogs and YouTube videos and generally keeping up a brave face. This week, almost two years after getting fired, he starts doing mornings back at his old station in SF, and I can finally listen to him on a daily basis again. I'll be streaming the show from the station's website, and I look forward to regularly bombarding him with cartoons once again.


DV said...

Dope illustration and dope post. Amen, brother.

Mikey said...

keep them cartoons rollin!! Funny ish!