Saturday, November 15, 2008

Daniel Craig 1

I dearly loved Casino Royale, so much so that it make me rethink my opinion of the rest of the series. I think I'm now willing to throw out the entire original Bond canon except for the first six. When I finally getting around to buying the DVDs, it'll be just the first five Connerys plus my previous favorite, On Her Majesty's Secret Service. I consider Diamonds are Forever to be a Roger Moore film.

I'm hearing extremely mixed things about Quantum of Solace, but as long as they haven't completely reverted to the old formula I'm probably going to like it. As long as it doesn't start off with Bond pretending to flirt with an aging Moneypenny, and end with a shootout in some big mad scientist lab with army guys and ninjas, and then ten seconds later he's somehow in a boat humping some girl over the end credits, as long as they don't do that I'll probably go home happy.

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