Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Daniel Craig 2

One thing I appreciate about the new-jack Craig Bond is that the filmmakers seem to understand that the 'gadget' motif has exhausted itself. We live in a gadget world now, and our fascination with clever little doo-dads has been fed in no small part by the Bond films themselves. But we're now living in science fiction and it doesn't make you unique or special to be carrying around a spy cam, or enough computer power to command an army. In the 60's your iPhone would have made you a superhero, but today it makes you one of the sheep. 

In a consumer world focused more and more on comfort, security and luxury, what sets a man apart is the ability to disregard all that. What distinguishes Craig's Bond is simply his raw ability to mix it up. Sad to say, what's science fiction in today's world is that a man can actually be a man.

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