Sunday, November 02, 2008

Obama in 16:9

Considering that the line on Obama used to be that he "doesn't give any details", it's been gratifying to see him putting out serious policy proposals lately. Good or bad, you can't accuse him of not having a plan. In these last desperate days, with the McCain side flinging retarded talking points like so much monkey shit, Obama's very much assumed the role of the adult in the room.

Obama has displayed a clear-eyed willingness to be honest about the mess the country's in, and to ask more of us than to wave a flag or take another fucking trip to the mall. Personally, I'm willing to sign off on his tax plan even if I end up on the wrong end of it. If the broader economy keeps imploding it won't be long before there's nothing to tax anyway. The idea of a New Deal-style program, putting people to work rebuilding the infrastructure and converting the power grid, makes my little liberal heart do backflips.

Maybe it's all a bunch of happy horseshit he's selling, maybe the money just isn't there, burned up over the last five years in a faraway desert. But I'm willing to throw in with the guy who wants to see the United States excel again at something besides fear and messianic delusion.


Anonymous said...

The biggest problem I have is that a lot of people have faith that with more government intervention under a Democratic regime, somehow it will be better.

There's little evidence that government can actually govern, and yet we have run crying to it to set our financial industry to rights. It happens all the time, but in this instance the scale is frightening.

Government really only does one thing well: grow. Look at the past 8 years. Look at the ridiculous amounts of pork-barrel that went into the $700 bln bailout. You can thank for that the disaster that is the Democratic-run Congress, with even lower approval ratings than Bush.

I know Obama is saying the right things that his constituency wants to hear -- the feel-good liberalism that the government will be everyone's rich uncle so they won't have to make mortgage payments or pay off credit cards. That it'll all be sunshine and puppies.

And maybe feel-good government intervention is what people want nowadays (as opposed to fear-good intervention espoused by the current GOP militants, and most of us willingly signed on to back in 2001-2002).

I'm bothered greatly by the tendency in this country to call for more government. I worry about the impact it will have on initiative, innovation, fiscal prudence and ultimately economic health.

Kevie said...

Sorry David, what was that? I was too busy drinking Kool-Aid!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy it while it lasts!