Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Ask me about Sarah Palin!

Say Hello to Senor Wences

I listened to the V.P. debate on radio, so I didn't get the benefit of the arsenal of winks, eye-batting, hair-flipping and whatever else was deployed on that stage. But it must have been really something to have distracted anyone from the horseshit that was coming out of her mouth. 

It's been interesting to watch this woman blazing her beautiful arc across the political landscape like a patronizing, brain-damaged comet, firing up the base from coast to coast. I can't help but be reminded of eight years ago when a lot of us looked at George W. Bush and thought, "well, there's a guy I wouldn't trust to park my car." Not to say I told you so, but I feel that at this point I've demonstrated a certain ability to read character. If anybody wanted to know, I'd be happy to tell them that my heightened sensors are flashing red reading "INSANE" and "WILLING TO DO OR SAY ANYTHING". (As a biological male, I'm proud to say that "somewhat doable" falls considerably farther down the list.)

Perhaps there should be some kind of volunteer corps made up of people who saw through Bush the first time around. I'd be more than willing to wear some kind of badge or sticker, so that anyone who's getting weak in the knees over the winking stuff can walk right up and know that I'm a friend, and I'm here to help.

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