Saturday, September 06, 2008

Grandpa Ivan

My in-laws were in last week. One afternoon, maybe because so many people have come and gone recently, Edie went completely off the rails in a mind-bending two-hour tantrum. She talked her way out of time-out four times, and like a jerk I kept falling for it. 
After she'd exhausted both of us, I was giving her a lecture about being nicer to her Grandpa Paul. Possibly keen to change the subject, she started asking where her Grandpa John was. Seattle, I said. "And... where's my... Grandpa Ivan?"

This was actually my Grandpa Ivan, who she only knows from photos. What do you say? I guess you say he's not with us anymore. Not knowing what else to talk about, I start telling her how she would have liked him, and he was very kind to me when I was a little boy.

Explaining my grandfather to my own child, maybe I just suddenly got kicked in the ass by the circle of life, you know? Or mabye it was because her tantrum had me at the end of my rope already. But I instantly lost it. Which made her freak out all over again and I had to get it under control. 


faith said...

grandpa Ivan was a handsome, charismatic dude. Your daughter looks up to men like you!

Fifth said...

Gandpa Ivan:

Honesty - Never lie. Tell the truth so you won't have to remember what you said.

Humor - Every joke was a good one as long as it didn't have any of that goddamn filthy language.

Money - Mark my words, things will worse than the depression.

Work - Perpetual frown and intense focus.

Play - Music, beer and endless smile.

Life Motto - Work hard and party hearty.

As a Boss - More intense and intimidating than Vince Lombardi.

Ethics - Second only to the Pope.

Common Sense - Reflection of the "Old School" (learned the hard way), better than most scholars.

Wisdom - Gained from reference to the "Book".

The Book - "None of your business smart ass!"

Drive - The need to please.

Kavorkian - (In his later days) not a bad fella.

Sorrow - Only saw him cry once, when we all did.

Love - Heard it first time from from the heart around my 44th birthday.

Pride - Shared about his family to everyone (unless you were around).

There's a lot more.

Kevie said...

Unca Tim!

Fifth said...

There are things done by others that help us understand what is important with the short time we have here on earth. I think about them every day. Seeing your ability to capture the subject persona in your art is close to, if not the best I've ever seen.

Thank you for the reminder.

Yup. It's me.

Kevie said...

Tim, thank you for adding your word impressions. I love it! I wanted to write something about him but I couldn't get my thoughts together.

Glad you like the drawing! Hopefully the first of many.

Grampa J said...

I tried to send a response to your Grampa Ivan blog, but failed the first time, since I hadn't formally joined your growing legion of followers. When do I get my lapel pin? Grampa Ivan was a man of power, drive, loyalty and humility, and had a very big heart. Along with Gramma Mim (who was quietly at the controls much of the time), he created an amazing lineage. Happily, Gramma Mim still thinks he's out on a service call and will be late for dinner.

Grampa J said...
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Kevie said...

First rule of the legion of followers: you do not talk about the legion of followers!

Anonymous said...

Legion of followers? (Grampa J)