Friday, September 05, 2008


Ha ha, just fucking around. I'm not going to go see that garbage. 

In honor of George Lucas' latest disappointing piece of film, I've been poking around a site called "The Secret History of Star Wars", which devotes several articles and an e-book to asking the question, where and why did Lucas go so wrong.

The surprising short answer is, he didn't. The new stuff is actually representative who he is when left to his own devices. He's never been much of a writer. The first Star Wars was created through a tremendous effort (by himself and others) to overcome his own limitations. He labored for years like a mad genius, absorbing any sci-fi or adventure he could get his hands on in the service of his vision, constantly rewriting and hating himself for not being better at it. It didn't hurt that he had a support system of film-school pals with names like Spielberg, Coppola, Scorcese, Milius, and Kaufman. But nobody but him could have come up with the concept. 

Strangely enough, digging in to this history actually has the effect of re-awakening my admiration for the man.


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daveednyc (aka david augustyn) said...

Hey Kev, thanks for flagging this site. Now I know what I'll be doing this weekend... (Yes, my life is that lame.) The book will be a welcome addition since most of what is in print about The Legend of Lucas is fluff.

I did eventually see the latest and it fully met my abysmally low expectations -- even for what Camp Lucas keeps saying (as a preemptive defense of its shittiness) is a "kid's film". Regardless, the wrongness of it is on so many levels, from artistic choices in the animation to well, regurgitating the same bland plots in lamest fucking part of the the entire saga.

You might be interested in a screed I wrote last month about the state of things Lucas here. And where in my opinion, the vision succeeds best -- where Lucas doesn't have hands on the creative. For instance, the comics and video games.

I didn't even want to bother reviewing it afterwards; after all, it was such a nothing film.