Thursday, September 25, 2008


Pictured: Chris Dodd, Government Guy

I'm somewhat capable of understanding the arguments on both sides of this. I read the Economist occasionally, sometimes even facing the right way up. But I can't for the life of me figure out if this bailout is a good thing or not. Maybe it's just the least awful of the options in front of us.

All I know is that when I first heard people saying that we needed to bail out Wall Street, I somehow had the sensation that I was being sold a sports stadium. Do you realize what a disaster it'll be for our economy if Shelbyville gets the sports stadium instead of us? You want those three, possibly four net jobs going to Shelbyville?

How can you not get nervous when George Bush goes on TV and tells you that the solution to all the problems is yet another round of spending like a drunken fucking sailor. I do like how everyone seemed to be for it, and then Bush comes out in favor of it and suddenly everyone's skeptical of it. When you're George Bush in 2008, every day is opposite day.


Dude, there's not a space there, even for you. I understand you must be pretty excited about being one of the first Yanks to own one of those things, but that doesn't mean you just put it in the crosswalk. The rest of us can still see it. It's slightly smaller than a regular car, it's not Wonder Woman's invisible plane.


Marie said...

I'm puzzled by it all too, but I am highly suspicious of the whole thing.

daveednyc said...

Nearly 200 economists send Bush a letter outlining their -- one would presume well-founded -- concerns about the nationalizion, er stabilization of the economy.

His response? "I don’t care what somebody on some college campus says."

Robert Bandel said...

This chap should be careful where they park there enclosed golf cart. They are probably pretty easy to pick up and move. I do love seeing these cars on the road though.

Robert Bandel said...

Whatever the outcome of the bailout- There's a great possibility it's not going to be good. I'm almost afraid to open the newspaper in the morning. How quickly things change these days. That's what I tried to explain to Mr. Raskin. All of this comfort and stability we live in is an illusion. It can all just go away tomorrow.

If I were smart I should go out and get myself some chickens, grow a garden real quick, and find a reliable source of fresh water. Oh, and start to accumulate things I can trade, that isn't paper.

Kevie said...

We drove a Smart Car all over Spain. It's awesome to be able to put it in half a parking space. I can understand getting carried away with it.