Friday, August 29, 2008


I couldn't bring myself to watch the convention. Does anyone need this thing? We all knew what it was going to accomplish going in. Most of us who aren't in politics just need to know who we're pulling the switch for. Plenty of professional organizations in the world have interminable semi-regular industry conventions with a lot of drunk people in suits staggering around wondering what party to go to and trying to convince themselves that they're taking part in something meaningful. Most of these things, nobody thinks they need to put them on TV and analyze them to death.

It's going to play out like it always does, right? the Huffington Post is going to convince me that the speeches left everyone's jaws hanging open in awe, and you could feel the tectonic political plates shifting under your feet, and across the country people are burning up their Republican voter registrations as we speak. Then a few months later everyone basically admits that it was pretty so-so, and that the Republicans came along a week later and buried them yet again.

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Leland Purvis said...

Some of the speeches were alright. Gore's was good. And seeing Kennedy trotted out was big medicine.

Aside from all the pomp and fireworks, though, there was the history. It's the sort of thing we never thought we'd live to see. And historically, we voters tend to turn out the party in office whenever the economy is bad.

We have a better than even money chance.